Al-Pack Enterprises Ltd.
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The odour of compost smells sweet to Moncton's Al-Pack Enterprises Ltd.
By Daniel Martins, Telegraph Journal

The Moncton packaging and supply company is hoping to benefit from Sobeys' recent decision to stop stocking Bio-Solo compost bags at its Maritime stores, after solid waste commissions in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island complained that the bags were not suitable for composting. The grocery chain already stocks Al-Pack compost bags, but Al-Pack's owner, Vernon Allen, says with the removal of Bio-Solo bags, he expects that Sobeys will use more of his firm's product.

"I would assume that it's a lot easier for them to carry one brand that's accepted everywhere, versus one brand that's accepted in (a few) municipalities," Vernon said Tuesday. The Fundy Region solid Waste Commission said Tuesday that it had no problem with the Bio-solo bags.

Jill Thomas Myrick, a spokeswoman for Sobeys, said the company had not received any complaints from New Brunswick landfills, but the negative feedback from the other two Maritime provinces was enough to move the offending bags off the shelves. "We work with the municipalities to understand their needs and their programs," she said.  She said the Al-Pack bags, and a similar product from Bio-Solo manufacturer Indaco, were chosen to replace the Bio-Solo bags because of their relatively shorter decomposition time.

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